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    Lives in Hull

    Writes everywhere.

    I’ve always loved SEO. I'm also obsessed with everything digital and tech (impossible not to be here).

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    I'm an SEO specialist, with many years of experience, that loves to share ideas about search engine marketing. Whether its onsite SEO, offsite SEO or content - its all good. There are lots of aspects to SEO and it takes a long time to get it right.

    Moving goalposts

    Google is always updating its algorithms which makes Search Engine Optimisation a tricky business. Staying on top of the changes takes time and effort.

    Quality web pages

    Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and all the popular search engines are looking for quality content to serve to their searchers. To determine whether a web page is of sufficient value for them to index it, they measure the uniqueness and quality of each web page. This then works out the website quality.


    Education is extremely important in this field. You need to have a love of writing, technical aspects and maths. You need to be organised, as you have hundreds of thousands of link networks to manage, and you need to be personable too as it involves getting in touch with many different types of people to network with. I still haven't got it right yet and I've been doing it for years.


    Content is King and Backlinks are queen in SEO these days. Writing quality content is the key to getting your website indexed b Google. Find a subject that you're interested in and write about it, It may seem extremely time consuming but it will be worth it in the long run.