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Optimising all types of content

When it comes to content, words are not the only thing to consider. Photos and other images are also content, as are videos. Of course, articles and blog posts are the most common type of content referred to in SEO circles.

This doesn’t mean that other media isn’t important, though.

The type of content will determine how you use it in your optimization process. Text is fairly simple, since you can use keywords in it. However, you will find that videos and photos are more likely to be shared on social media.

Text. Text should also include headings and subheadings. These are important to break up the text for human readers and make it easier on the eyes. When you use heading markers (h1, h2, etc.) this is a signal to the search engines that these are important words and a good indication of what your site is about. For this reason, your headings should always include at
least one keyword phrase.

Images. To optimize your photos, add a description and alt text. The alt text will help search engines decide if the picture is something relevant for searchers. You can also use a caption to increase SEO by including your top keyword in it. One additional tip is to optimize the file name of the image to include your keyword as well. Imagine the difference these two file names
would make when trying to interpret what an image contains:

stock2934902593.jpg and Girl-Riding-A-Bicycle.jpg.

Video and Audio. Most videos are embedded from YouTube or a similar site. This is actually a useful way to increase exposure and makes it simple for people to share your site and video.

Video networking sites are well designed to help people find interesting and useful content. If they like it, your video could increase in views and rank well on its own, with links back
to the website.

When it comes to optimizing this type of content, you will need to use the description area of the video. This can be keyword optimized, but don’t overdo it. One rule I like to follow is to put the website URL on the first line of the description field. That line is often the only part of your description that is visible to the viewer without having to click the “read more” button.

Having your URL on that line increases the likelihood of getting a click to your site for more information.

Audio is much the same as video, and can become highly popular if broadcast through the appropriate channels such as a podcast.

Use a mix of different media types to grab visitors’ attention. Many people enjoy watching an information packed video more than they like to read an article. Others will prefer to read a tutorial with photos over watching a video. As any top SEO agency will tell you: By creating a blend of different types of content, you can appeal to a wider audience.

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